Awesome Bungalow Houses Designs

Bungalow houses designs – What does the word bungalow mean to you? When I hear the word bungalow, I see the image of a summer camp where I used to live growing up in the north of New York. Pods of a simple, complex, spacious and simple house that offers easy access to the main […]

Amazing Maldives Bungalows

Maldives Bungalows – Beaches are the perfect setting for honeymoon romance, that is a given. But with hundreds of destinations the world over to choose from, how do you pick the right one for you and your loved one? While pictures of secluded shores with spectacular sunsets accost you from every hotel website or advertisement, […]

Garden Old House Cottages and Bungalows

If you are lucky enough to have an old house cottages and bungalows do not hesitate to start reforming and decorating it to enjoy a lifestyle away from the maelstrom of the city. Next, I show you some keys to renew it and give it a homey, warm and cozy touch. With few resources and […]

Amazing Bungalow Bathroom Vanity

A bungalow bathroom vanity in house usually needs more light and space. If you are lucky, you can borrow the space from another room or a closet to expand the bathroom. The installation of a vanity sink can be a simple task as long as you have all the necessary tools. First, you will have […]

Awesome Modern Bungalow Remodel

Modern bungalow remodel – When remodeling a bungalow house, you must make some changes so that the house has capacity for your modern lifestyle, while retaining its character and defining the elements. Investigation of the original exterior and interior colors of your bungalow if it has been painted over the years. Search historical photos through […]

Best View Glass Bottom Bungalows Caribbean

It can be a Caribbean beach or an island in the Mediterranean, the idea is to share a few days with someone special. Some beaches and cities are perfect to go with friends, where the nights are long and the entire infrastructure revolves around consumption and group activities: shopping, drinks, go dancing. Other destinations await […]

Attached Cantilever Carports for Bungalows

Cantilever carports for bungalows – Carports offer an easy way to protect your car from damage by the elements. Although many houses have garages, these are often too small to store more than one car. And so for households with multiple vehicles, a carport is an effective way to provide additional protection. A cantilever car […]

Attractive Bungalow Columns

The first thing to know when learning how to build a bungalow columns footing is to understand that the term “column footing” refers to a foundation that holds a structure in place. Over the years, a column footing has evolved to become works of art, thereby now serving the dual purpose of aesthetics and securing […]

1926 Bungalow Architecture

1926 bungalow – The Elmer and Hester Hutsinpiller House at 3 W. 27th Ave. has the distinction of having been home to three generations of a single family. It also became the house that current owners Carol and Dennis Anderson decided they wanted to live in, even though it wasn’t for sale when they began […]

Bungalow 5 Polo Side Table Dresser

Cheap, versatile, easy to assemble, in various colors … well-known bungalow 5 polo side table is present in many homes. In my house without going any further we have two that we use at our whim both at home and on terrace. Mine are white, but a quick search in network is enough to see […]