Arts And Crafts Bungalow Brick

Hello guys! Today in our space we will talk about arts and crafts bungalow. In spite of the simplicity that the bungalow represents in its original form, at present it can be a house that fits perfectly to all the needs of its users, especially when it is rented to tourists in beach areas, since […]

Best View of Overwater Bungalows Bora Bora

Overwater bungalows bora bora is a kind of cabin or small house that, in general, is geared towards tourism. It is a simple construction, of a single floor or floor, which has basic amenities. It can be said that a bungalow is a rustic house. It is common to build in natural tourist areas, such […]

1920s Bungalow Brick

Once you have decided the type and style, it is time to consider the best canopy 1920s bungalow ideas. An outdoor seat adds to the visual appeal and provides the comfort you seek during the time you spend outdoors. Gazebo canopies can be divided into two main groups: hard top and canvas top. In general, […]

Bora Bora Hawaii Bungalows

Hawaii bungalows ideas are as diverse as the outdoor structures. A bungalow canopy has to provide protection from sun and rain so you can use your outdoor space in any weather condition. The bungalows are a fantastic addition to any backyard and in the variety of outdoor enclosures; they are smaller than the pergolas, but […]

Cool Floating Bungalows

Floating bungalows is an essential element to make most of your garden or terrace. It has innumerable advantages both practical and aesthetic that will transform your garden completely. Pergola will serve you for so many things that it would be difficult to list them all. From to create a cozier and intimate living area even […]

Cozy Disney Bungalows

There are multiple ways to leverage environments the outdoor of your house, as the disney bungalows, balcony, terrace or garden. If you have a minimum area of ​​90 cm x 1.50 m it is possible to create a cozy reading area by placing a small armchair and a side table that serves as support. Another […]

Awesome Overwater Bungalow

We can find several overwater bungalow options for your holidays where originality and good taste are always present. The concept of bungalow is associated with a strong connection with nature in a comfortable and relaxed environment. This design, for its breadth and aesthetics, is the ideal place to live all year round. In case we […]

Chicago Bungalow Brick Wall

If the chicago bungalow version of a home you love, but you want a design that runs from the traditional design like this is probably a good idea, it is important to always work with  professionals because they are trained to ensure a beautiful design, tailored to our tastes And good quality. This irregular roof […]

Cozy Polynesian Bungalow

Comfort is certainly one of the most important factors, so if you are thinking about a house for next summer surely this book of ideas will facilitate the decision. Today we bring you polynesian bungalow that are ideal as a holiday home, even as your first home! Creative, beautiful and comfortable designs do not miss […]

American Bungalow Colors

A type of habitable construction that had great popularity in the United States in the last century. The american bungalow house is a structure of one and a half floors, and the purpose of the half floor is to act as a storage place. It also serves as a room for children, or a guest […]