Chicago Bungalow Brick Wall

If the chicago bungalow version of a home you love, but you want a design that runs from the traditional design like this is probably a good idea, it is important to always work with  professionals because they are trained to ensure a beautiful design, tailored to our tastes And good quality. This irregular roof […]

Cozy Polynesian Bungalow

Comfort is certainly one of the most important factors, so if you are thinking about a house for next summer surely this book of ideas will facilitate the decision. Today we bring you polynesian bungalow that are ideal as a holiday home, even as your first home! Creative, beautiful and comfortable designs do not miss […]

American Bungalow Colors

A type of habitable construction that had great popularity in the United States in the last century. The american bungalow house is a structure of one and a half floors, and the purpose of the half floor is to act as a storage place. It also serves as a room for children, or a guest […]

Bungalow Hotel Simple

Bungalow Hotel – The word bungalow has been popularized to define different types of houses for different uses in different parts of the world. In North America bungalows are retirement homes in remote suburbs, in other countries it is used as a main dwelling in both urban and rural areas. In the tourist complex Camping […]

Bora Bora Disney Polynesian Bungalows

Disney Polynesian bungalows – One of the novelties for the year 2015 at Disney was the construction of a completely new area in the Polynesian Village, practically a new Disney Resort: the Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. This area is split between villas, more equipped rooms (with mini kitchens and accommodating up to 5 people) and […]