Comfortable and Relaxed Overwater Bungalow

Awesome Overwater Bungalow

Awesome Overwater Bungalow

We can find several overwater bungalow options for your holidays where originality and good taste are always present. The concept of bungalow is associated with a strong connection with nature in a comfortable and relaxed environment. This design, for its breadth and aesthetics, is the ideal place to live all year round. In case we look for a bungalow that is not only for summer it is important to pay attention in the construction to the details and materials.

So that the climate does not become an impediment to enjoy our house especially the months of extreme temperatures.  This overwater bungalow design has a style where the wood predominates and next to the colored walls generates an interesting contrast with the nature that surrounds it.

Straw is more than interesting material when it comes to building, its attractive style combines especially with this type of housing, and if we combine it with wood, we will undoubtedly have a movie bungalow. In the image we see a rather unusual way to use straw; however it creates a unique facade, if you are thinking about building overwater bungalow for rent or doing business, this design can be one of the best options, especially if it will be built in spaces where the weather is a little cold.

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