Bungalow Hotel Simple

Bungalow Hotel – The word bungalow has been popularized to define different types of houses for different uses in different parts of the world. In North America bungalows are retirement homes in remote suburbs, in other countries it is used as a main dwelling in both urban and rural areas. In the tourist complex Camping […]

Contemporary Bungalow Renovation

Bungalow Renovation – If you are thinking about buying, selling or renewing yours in this book of ideas you will find everything you need to know about how to modernize a bungalow. The exterior of your home is the business card of your property and, consequently, you must take care of its appearance to the […]

Bora Bora Disney Polynesian Bungalows

Disney Polynesian bungalows – One of the novelties for the year 2015 at Disney was the construction of a completely new area in the Polynesian Village, practically a new Disney Resort: the Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. This area is split between villas, more equipped rooms (with mini kitchens and accommodating up to 5 people) and […]

Balcony Bungalow Floor Plans

Bungalow floor plans – Do you know everything about the bungalows? Probably when mentioning this word the only thing that goes through your mind is that image of a vacation home where you can enjoy a break in daily life. However, these have evolved a lot over the years. So much has its change been […]

Beach Bungalow Nice

Beach bungalow – Wasted space on a breeze can add lots of storage or living space to a bungalow house. Take a look at available rooms in the attic to calculate the cost and benefit of incorporating the space in the overall house design. Many bungalows have shorter wind space than some of their own […]

Amazing Bungalow Home

Bungalow home – The cottage has been called “Classic American Residence Type”, and it is to make a comeback as people seek a level home that is easy to navigate, even for the elderly or those with mobility. The process of building a bungalow is a complicated one. Instructions Buy a lot of land in […]

Craftsman Bungalow Brick

This craftsman bungalow has a simple design with a covered outdoor space and floor design is higher than the ground. The house has soft natural colors and many windows, allowing the interior to be close to nature but still have perfect privacy.This is the ideal home for the countryside, with a large garden where you […]

Bora Bora Bungalow Bath

A dream shared by most people is undoubtedly having a summer house, we all dream of having a place in contact with nature where to return after a day of work, or perhaps where to spend our summers or even winters. But the first step before deciding which one to buy or how to build […]

Best Bora Bora Overwater Bungalows

In general, this type of housing is related to rustic or vintage decorative styles, with heavy floral curtains, furniture made of polished logs and lanterns lighting the patio. Now, and due to the increasing popularity of minimal and multifunctional housing, the bora bora overwater bungalows are very fashionable and their style has been modernized: it […]

Brick Wall Bungalow House Plans

What is a bungalow house plans? Let’s start by defining this type of construction: they are called bungalows to the houses built usually of wood, on one floor and that have a porch or portico to the front, very similar to rural cabins, with the difference that bungalows can be located within cities in fully […]