Bungalow Plans And Designs Diy

The bungalow plans and designs often go well with ornate detailing that would seem exaggerated in a more modern house. As you design your porch, pay attention to small details that will add to overall effect. Instead of simple planters, choose versions with painted or carved details. Add decorative cushions to soften look of outdoor […]

American Bungalow Furniture Bedroom

Due to its small size and detail, american bungalow furniture allow a more exterior design freedom of a traditional house; A more dramatic range of colors and details can be used without sacrificing the overall effect. When planning the decoration of your porch, use the individual architecture of the house to inspire a capricious design […]

Amazing Bungalow Front Door Styles

Bungalow front door styles – The front door is a gateway between the outside and the interior of a house. Its design should reflect a smooth transition between the exterior appearances of the bungalow while mixing well in the interior decor. Even if you can find many designs for the front doors on the Internet, […]

Best Tent Bungalow Ideas

Tent bungalow – Another alternative accommodation, increasingly offered, is the so-called bungalow. These are wooden houses, very integrated in nature, which offer those who use them all the advantages of outdoor living and all the comforts of a home: running water, electric light and air conditioning. They are increasingly used by families with small children […]

Bungalow 5 Frances Side Table Bedroom

Run to your living room and look around you. You feel it? You feel it? Sure enough, the time has come for you to dare to make a bungalow 5 frances side table. It’s time to give it a creative touch with your own hands. The options are endless: mount a very Nordic drawer with […]

Bungalow Front Door Colors

If you prefer to have a personalized entry for your home, do not buy the ones sold in series, look for inspiration in here, check the doors that we show you and have for your house a door that only you have, in the neighborhood where you live. A bungalow front door can say a […]

1920s Craftsman Bungalow Cottage

Give a 1920s craftsman bungalow an elegant appearance by mixing new materials with age. Keep old window frames, fitted wardrobes and wooden floors, for example. The character of the house should be preserved while adding modern appliances, facilities and fresh paint. A bungalow typically has a floor of rooms that flow along with limited aisles […]

Charm Cottage Bungalow Plans

Although the cottage bungalow plans is a very simple type of house, this does not mean that it can not be spacious; in fact, it is designed to accommodate a minimum of two people and is usually chosen by families with children and groups of friends. Regarding prices, it is necessary to highlight that in […]

Attractive House Plans Bungalow Open Concept

House plans bungalow open concept kitchens have been sweeping design magazines lately, and if you have a new kitchen or a Reno in your future, chances are you’ll want to consider what an open kitchen can bring to your bungalow house. Open kitchens are defined by their wide open spaces and clear lines of sight […]

Attractive Craftsman Style Bungalow House Plans

Craftsman Style Bungalow House Plans – We know them as craftsman bungalows, California, Chicago, or Michigan bungalows, Arts and Crafts bungalows, or just plain bungalows. But what differentiates a bungalow from a Craftsmans home? About 1911, the Craftsman Bungalow Co, Inc in Seattle, Washington, along with Gustav Stickley, published a book of house plans called […]