Art Beachside Bungalow Dollhouse

If you have already spent some time and consideration in your dollhouse hobby, there are great chances you have been thinking about collecting or building miniature accessories. A good looking beachside bungalow dollhouse should be decorated with the same aesthetic details as the “real life” interior design. If your dollhouse’s interior looks a little sparse […]

1930s Bungalow Floor Plans Brick Wall

1930s bungalow floor plans can create great value in any dwelling. These can create extra space that can belong to the living room or even be an extension of the kitchen. Sliding windows are the best way to bring natural light into the interior of the room while still allowing the transition between interior and […]

5 Star Overwater Bungalows with Glass Floor

Overwater bungalows with glass floor – overwater bungalows with glass floor is a bungalow concept because some the structure rests on an uneven terrain with a volume at the top that impresses at half height from certain angles. The floors of the structure are can on three levels. While most of the building impresses as […]

Bungalow Open Concept Floor Plans Free

Bungalow open concept floor plans – You can make this bungalows design with this plan of modern house with two floors and open concept has 4 bedrooms on the top floor, 2 and a half bathrooms, a large living – dining room and kitchen as well as a spacious office and a multipurpose space. The […]

Decorating a Craftsman Bungalow Addition

Decorating A Craftsman Bungalow – Despite its simple elegance and top quality, the craftsman’s style home is the forerunner of today’s trend towards a simple, uncluttered interior. At the turn of the 20th century, with strong rejection of Victoria’s strict decision and striking interior design, the Arts and Crafts Movement encourages its return to true […]

Aluminium Prefab Bungalow

Prefab Bungalow – Mention that you are looking at buying a prefabricated home or home to a friend and often the response you will get is one of confusion. Most people have a picture in their minds about prefab or mobile homes that are a relic since the beginning of the construction of mobile homes. […]

Affordable Bungalow Prefab Homes

Since the bursting of the housing bubble, buying a house has become an almost unattainable challenge for many people. There are other cheaper forms of housing such as bungalow prefab homes that are cheap and it may be an original business idea but very profitable to sell these types of products, which could be a […]

Nice Remodeled Bungalow

What images come to mind when you think of a bungalow? We do not want to risk it but we are almost sure that the first thing you thought was: 70’s decor, old-fashioned furniture and flowery curtains. A typical interior decoration that would leave any grandmother proud. Well, let’s shake the dust, do you want […]

Best Bungalow House Plan

The large porches of a bungalow house plan animate sitting outside, and the use of a decoration inspired by nature creates the feeling of the open air flowing in the interior. Inspire yourself in the garden to select a palette of colors; Use soft greens, browns, blues and touches of red rose, yellow sunflower and […]

Blue Bungalow House Plans with Pictures

The first American bungalow house plans with pictures were built in Southern California in the 20th century. Large porches, eaves and their surroundings close to the ground make them ideal for warm weather. The traditional interior bungalow has a simple design and minimal decoration and natural materials. A bungalow type house offers a lot of […]