Amazing Bungalow Designs

Lack of space is a challenge when organizing and decorating our bungalow designs so that they are comfortable and functional. We want you to know how the owners of these small houses of less than 50 m2 have done it, in which they took maximum advantage of the little space, without renouncing the good taste […]

Best Modern Bungalow House Plans

Modern bungalow house plans can be single-story in design or, more commonly, story-and-a-half. In the latter, the upper floor consists of a large, unique room. Usually, it is intended to be the master bedroom, with all other room types (kitchen, etc.) on the first floor. Exteriors and interiors are designed to play on each other, […]

Brick Craftsman Bungalow Floor Plans

Whether you are going to buy or sell a house, understanding the terminology of the various styles and types of housing is an important part of the process. Craftsman bungalow floor plans style houses are the two types of small to medium-sized houses, with certain overlapping features and distinctive features. Using the correct term will […]

Craftsman Bungalow Homes Types

Craftsman Bungalow Homes – In American house architecture, the American Craftsman style is characterized by a number of reasons. On the one hand, it was a movement away from the predominant Victorian styles of the late 1800s. On the other hand, it was the first real attempt to bring high-quality housing for the middle classes. […]

Anthology Bungalow Bedding Collection

Anthology Bungalow Bedding – The quilts are part of the bedding that cannot be missing in a bedroom. Its design and functionality make it possible to use it throughout the year. Traditionally, the quilt is a piece of bed very used in our country. In recent years, new forms of bedspread have made their way, […]

Blue Bungalow House Philippines

If it is about enjoying, this bungalow house philippines is a magnificent example to achieve it. Totally open to the outside and with spacious interior spaces that allow you to keep in touch with the view of the splendid landscape, the design outlines warmth and elegance thanks to the handling of the materials used such […]

Best of Fiji Bungalow

The fiji bungalow houses have something that makes them always look natural and comfortable, either because of their architectural design of high ceilings and large windows or the materials used for their construction, they become the dream of all of us who live in a large city. In them we find the perfect refuge to […]

Cozy Place Bora Bora Bungalows Disney

Bora Bora Bungalows Disney – Disney Polynesian Village Resort opened its doors in 1971, which makes it one of the oldest hotels in Walt Disney World Resort, but, although it was one of the first, it is one of the most modern (Its last remodeling was completed in April 2015). The hotel is set to […]

Small Bungalow House Plans Types

Small Bungalow House Plans – Many of those who want to have a cabin, hire architects to design the plan and have a great organization both internal and external to the cabin. Therefore, today we have a team of professionals who will help you organize your ideas and create your own plan for a much […]

Arts And Crafts Bungalow Brick

Hello guys! Today in our space we will talk about arts and crafts bungalow. In spite of the simplicity that the bungalow represents in its original form, at present it can be a house that fits perfectly to all the needs of its users, especially when it is rented to tourists in beach areas, since […]