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May 31, 2018 Design

How To Build Bungalow Columns footing

The first thing to know when learning how to build a bungalow columns footing is to understand that the term “column footing” refers to a foundation that holds a structure in place. Over the years, a column footing has evolved to become works of art, thereby now serving the dual purpose of aesthetics and securing something in place. Learning how to build bungalow columns is no different in the sense that one has to know whether the purpose of the structure is merely to serve as security, or hold something in place and at the same time be pleasing to the eyes. Another consideration when it comes to planning the design is to know the primary purpose of the column. If the column is going to hold a significant amount of weight, the measurements have to be very specific.

Attractive Bungalow Columns

Attractive Bungalow Columns

Now that there’s a design and a plan in place and the materials have been bought, the next thing to do on how to build a bungalow columns footing is to start digging. One should dig the area that will be occupied by the footing and one has to take into consideration how deep the hole needs to be and that the whole itself has to be two inches bigger than the footing. The third step in learning how to build a bungalow columns footing is to make a panel for each of the needed footing. A column form can be bought from any hardware or if one prefers to make it from scratch, one should consider using a cut-out and fastening it at the end of the procedure.

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Now that the footing is almost done, cement needs to be laid in the hole and footing inserted before the gravel dries. Knowing how to build a bungalow columns footing requires a lot of patience and one has to wait until the cement is fully dried and glued firmly to the structure. The last step ion learning how to build a bungalow columns footing is to add the finishing touches such as design. Paint, stain or some form of dye can all be used to make the bungalow columns footing look pretty and these mixtures can last a long time.

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